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Weight Loss Barriers Webinar

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The Weight Loss Barriers Webinar

As a dietitian, personal trainer or health coach, helping clients overcome barriers to success is perhaps our most crucial job.

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Weight Loss Coaching Course

Weight Loss Coach

Your comprehensive online resource

Register for SmartShape's Weight Loss Coaching Online Course.

Become a master of motivation to help clients make a permanent transformation.

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Learning library

The case for wholefoods

The case for wholefoods for weight loss

Will this higher carbohydrate, plant-based diet take hold at a time when low-carb diets are growing in popularity for weight management?

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Nutrition system for fitness pros

Metabolic Jumpstart

Simple, flexible, effective

Partner with me to deliver specific nutrition advice and weight management support for clients.

Metabolic Jumpstart has been used by over 100 fitness businesses to provide metabolically matched nutrition for over 25,000 individuals.

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Professional success package

Nutrition business

Fast-track your nutrition idea or business

Have you got a nutrition idea or business in mind? Do you want to break through the clutter and compete more effectively, right now?

Here is an instantly accessible resource to help you make your dreams a reality.

Check out my Dietitian Success Package in partnership with Dietitian Connection.

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Ready-to-use weight management content

Become a better coach

Presenter's Package and Tip Sheet Set

Fast-track your program deliver and enhance your education with these downloadable resources.

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