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Weight Loss Program Success Webinar Package

Recording & bonuses now available!

Inspire a new career in weight management, learn how to design a slimming program or take your current weight loss coaching to the next level with this special 2-hour webinar & workbook.

Your package includes:
> Two-hour webinar recording download
> Copy of all slides (pdf)
> Fifty-page workbook
> Access to our program design model
> Resource list with over fifty clickable links

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This unique event, delivered to you at your computer or mobile device by SmartShape Founder Matt O'Neill, is designed to inform and energise you with the ideas, insights and know-how that will equip you to thrive in the rapidly growing weight loss industry.

You'll discover how to fast-track your personal, professional and business weight management goals in one convenient webinar.

This is all about empowering you!

This webinar will give you the knowledge and the nudge you need to become a weight loss superstar. Using SmartShape's Superstar Model (see outline below), you'll discover how to; Inspire, Motivate, Manage, Reward and Retain clients or customers.

You'll be able to directly apply this workshop experience to what you want to achieve:

  • Feeling more confident giving weight loss advice.

  • Knowing the steps involved in launching a slimming program.

  • Understanding how to market your coaching services effectively.

  • Setting up client consultation policies.

  • Making the best use of social media to spread your message.

  • Understanding qualifications and where to get more training.
And much more stuff you won't find in textbooks or are likely to find easily online.

Webinar outline

You'll learn five structured steps to success using the SmartShape Superstar Model:

Step 1 - Inspire

Everyone has a unique personal or professional story to tell about weight loss. You'll identify and build your unique place in the weight loss market place.

  • Creating the point of difference you offer.

  • Key strategies that inspire people to shape up.

  • How to make sure your idea gets stacks of attention.
Step 2 - Motivate

Now, you've got people's attention, what are you going to offer and how are you going to sell it?

  • How to package your ideas into products that sell.

  • How to find and press client's motivational hot buttons.

  • What to offer to get clients to purchase from you.
Step 3 - Manage

Now you've got clients, you need to manage them and all the resources you provide.

  • How to manage client sessions & communication.

  • Which nutrition and weight loss tools to use.

  • How to leverage online technology and apps.
Step 4 - Reward

Discover how to build powerful rewards into your coaching and services.

  • Tapping into your clients' weight loss reward systems.

  • When to offer participation or goal-based rewards.

  • What to do when clients' don't lose weight.
Step 5 - Retain and Refer

Getting clients is one thing and keeping them is another. Learn how to do both.

  • How to generate tonnes of testimonials.

  • When to offer a maintenance program and when not to.

  • How to automatically generate more referrals.
These 5 steps will put all the pieces of the weight management puzzle together for you, saving you time and effort.

Get the workbook, recording & bonus resources

By attending, you'll receive a stack of benefits:

  • A workbook to download & apply what you learn to your unique situation.

  • Webinar video recording to view at any time.

  • A copy of all slides presented.

  • A list of incredibly useful websites, online services and apps to streamline your business.

  • A recommended reading list on marketing, business strategies and positive psychology.

  • Most importantly, you'll create the confidence to move forward in your career or business to help more people lose weight and feel amazing!
Who should attend?

This websinar is designed for anyone who wants to be a more effective weight management service provider, especially:

  • Successful losers who want to help others lose weight.

  • Career changers looking to leap into weight management.

  • Dietitians who want to market their expert nutrition services.

  • Fitness trainers who want to add nutrition to their packages.

  • Psychologists who want to specialise in weight loss.

  • Life coaches looking to expand into slimming.

  • Entrepreneurs who want to build an amazing weight loss product.

  • Public health practitioners who want to motivate the masses.
If you've been thinking about getting into the weight loss industry or want to do more, this webinar is a must.

Your presenter

Matt O'Neill, Dietitian / Nutritionist, BSpSc, MSc (Nut&Diet), APD, AN

Matt is Founder of the SmartShape Centre for Weight Management and a gifted educator and mentor, who is passionate about inspiring you to achieve your goals.

He has worked in the weight loss industry for over 25 years in many roles, building a vast wealth of knowledge and understanding about what it takes to build a successful and satisfying career, business or profile in weight management.

Matt has produced websites, newsletters, television segments, online training courses, weight loss programs, corporate health challenges and a range of client education resources.

He has held positions as; Nutritionist for the Australian Consumer's Association, board member on the Weight Management Administration Code Council of Australia and a member of the NHMRC's Overweight & Obesity Working Group.

Most recently Matt has coached over 20,000 people to switch to nutrient-rich eating on his Metabolic Jumpstart program, which has also attracted over 100 fitness businesses as partners and over 400 program coaches.

With formal training in nutrition and exercise science, combined with practical mindset strategies and business-owner skills, Matt is ready to help you win at all aspects of weight management.

What people have said

Here's what attendees at a face-to-face workshop had to say about the content you'll cover:

"Excellent sharing of your own expertise and experience in the weight loss industry. Thank you so much! All the tools and information provided are helpful for my private practice. Especially the advice for program and business packaging." - Catherine Chong

"I love the relaxed atmosphere and the way you make things simple and clear." - Jayne Possett

"I liked the model, practical approach, motivational approaches, your passion, stories added to the experience." - Carissa Sharpe

"So much useful advice, has helped direct me towards utilising diet more in the business. Useful info for both diet / nutrition but also for business in the industry." - Wayne Kemeys

Live Webinar Flyer


Date & time

Recorded webinar package now available! Live event was Friday 22nd January, 2016


Save time, effort & be confident with this valuable webinar package

AUD$95.00 for this package with webinar, recording, workbook & resources. Gain over 25 years' insights, ideas, strategies, short-cuts, tools & know-how to save you time & effort to fast-track you to your goals.

Register online now or call (02) 9987 2735. Email inquiries

Details to note

$95 includes GST

Payment must be received in full to confirm your registration. You can pay by Mastercard or Visa online, or by cheque made out to 'SmartShape P/L'. If you wish to pay by direct bank deposit, please contact us on (02) 9987 2735 for details.

We respect your privacy and will not share any of your personal or registration details without your express permission.

Registration payment will be acknowledged by email automatically at time of registration. We will also confirm again one week before the event.

Tax receipts
Your payment confirmation is provided as a Tax Invoice.

If you cannot attend the webinar, you can still receive the webinar recording, workbook & resources package for the same price. The recording will be available the same day. If you would like to cancel your registration, you can do this for a full refund up to 5 days before the event. Cancellations received less than 5 days prior to the event will receive a refund, minus a $20 administration fee.

Event changes
Webinar information is correct at time of publication but may be subject to change without notice. SmartShape reserves the right to change the event details when required due to reasons beyond the control of the organisers. The organiser does not take financial responsibility for changes or technical disruptions that are beyond their control.



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