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How to sell weight loss results

By Matt O'Neill, MSc(Nut&Diet), APD

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If you are a dietitian, personal trainer or weight management coach, there is a real risk that you can over-promise and under-deliver results.

Are you selling 'part' of the solution?

Let's say a client, Sue wants to lose 10kg.

If you are a dietitian, you might say, "Sure Sue, I'll give you are diet to do that." If you are a PT, you may say, "Yes, with three training sessions a week, you can achieve that." And if you are a coach or counselor, you could say, "My coaching will help you reach this goal."

But as shown in the success image above; nutrition, fitness and psychology by themselves may only deliver part of the results, fall short on your client's expectations and cause you frustration.

Selling a complete solution

Here's a technique I've found quite effective for gaining greater client commitment and delivering better results.

From the outset, inform your client Sue that for maximum results, it takes a commitment to three elements for success; (1) Exercise, (2) Nutrition and (3) Mindset.

Tell them about the element that is your strength (e.g. exercise for a PT). But also discuss how they will make positive changes to the other two elements.

Establish from the outset which elements you are providing advice on and also which elements you are holding your client accountable for. It's important to set up your relationship from the start. Are you Sue's fitness coach, nutrition coach, mindset coach or all three?

For example, with your role established as mindset coach, there will be no surprises when you start talking about motivation, beliefs, values and other psychological strategies.

Deliver, refer or partner

You may be trained and equipped to offer a solution for all elements. If not, you may refer or partner to create a more complete solution.

The key thing is to set up success from the start and this involves; (1) Exercise, (2) Nutrition and (3) Mindset.

Note that in this article I've used "weight loss" as an indicator of results and success. In reality, it's not about weight on the scales. It's about being fit strong and healthy. So, as a practitioner I aim to reduce my clients' importance on a set weight goal, establish non-weight goals and develop a broader meaning of success.

Don't have nutrition covered?

If you don't have the nutrition covered, I can partner with you to deliver that with my program.

Need the mindset element?

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