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The recommendations that we provide are not meant to replace the medical advice given to you by your doctor/physician or other health-care professional. Any information on this site, whether it be from our question and answers section or our messages boards, should not replace medical advice given by your doctor or health-care professional. We recommend that you consult your doctor before starting any exercise program.

Information related to diet is to be only used as a guideline for healthy eating. It is not meant to substitute for a medically prescribed diet. Pty Ltd ('SmartShape'), partners or employees will not be liable for any damages or claims.

Message Boards

We provide our message boards or similar interactive service to facilitate user communication. The opinions expressed in the message boards are those of the relevant users and not of SmartShape. We are not responsible for material appearing in any message board on the site, except for material signed by a representative of SmartShape. We are not responsible for screening material for obscenity, libel, copyright, invasion of privacy, or for any other reason. We retain however, the right to modify or remove messages or material that we, in our sole discretion consider offensive, abusive, or not in the best interests of our users.

Users should be aware that when they voluntarily disclose personal information (for example, an email address or user name) in the message boards, this can be used by third parties and may result in unsolicited messages from third parties. Such activities are beyond the control of SmartShape.


SmartShape is not responsible for the contents or links on external sites that it maintains links. Under no circumstances shall bodyScoop be held responsible, directly or indirectly, for any loss or damage caused to a user in connection with the use of information, goods or services on any external site. External sites may have their own disclaimer or none at all. We recommend that you read any external sites disclaimer and/or terms and conditions. Any concerns should be directed directly to the external site's webmaster.



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