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Why slips don't have to be setbacks

By Matt O'Neill, MSc(Nut&Diet), APD

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Slips in motivation and temporary detours from your diet are a normal part of the weight loss process. The key to managing slip ups is preventing them from becoming major setbacks. Here are ten positive ways to think about slip ups:

1. I expect to slip up occasionally - I know that I will experience slips and whilst I aim to keep them to a minimum, I am prepared for these.

2. Everyone has slips - I know that other people slip up too and it should be no different for me.

3. I'm prepared for high-risk situations - I know my diet danger zones, such as eating out or eating when bored. I have a strategy ready to manage them.

4. I can enjoy the occasional indulgence - Allowing myself to relax my diet at times means I am in control and on track to reach my goals.

5. I can adapt to unexpected challenges - I know I can't control everything. When my plans go out the window I pause and devise a back-up strategy.

6. I can make up for slips later - I can choose to make up for the slip the next day to keep my average up.

7. I can learn from slips - Every time I have a slip it presents an opportunity to learn and make changes to reduce the chances of the slip happening again.

8. I can start with a clean slate after a slip - I can choose to forget about the slip up and start fresh.

9. It's my average that counts - By accepting slip ups I know that my average success will be high. It's my average that counts. Not being perfect 100% of the time.

10. A slip doesn't affect everything - Just because my diet took a detour for a few days, it doesn't mean I've failed. I always keep my diet in perspective and know I'm successful.



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