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1. Weight Management Essentials Course (Online)

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Turn your interest in weight loss, nutrition and health into action and become part of the solution for the nation's obesity problem.

What is the course about?

Specialist training that transforms the complex science of weight management into useable personal knowledge is now available in Matt O'Neill's Weight Management Essentials Online Course. In this insightful & entertaining program, you'll discover and master the underlying process of weight management & launch yourself into more confident advice & programming.

What do people say about this course?

"I would like to take this opportunity to say thankyou - I have thoroughly enjoyed the course! I was pretty much riveted from when I commenced the first session on Thursday night to when I finished on Sunday evening - so much information, but so valuable and interesting. It was worth the time and effort, such that I hardly noticed that I had given up a three day weekend to complete it! So of course, I look forward to completing more of the Certificate of Weight Management courses in the near future!" - Samantha Watkinson

"At the risk of sounding `twee', I liked all of it. It was all very relevant, well presented and so enjoyable." - M Gayst

"I loved Matt's lively presentation style. It kept the course interesting and alive. I really enjoyed the activities." - J Hands

"Great delivery of facts and figures to make it fun. I love your passion Matt. - B Erlich

Who is lecturing?

Targeted course sessions

Click to download PDFSession 1 - Obesity: Definitions, prevalence & trends

  • Universal definitions for weight & body fat status
  • Rates of weight gain for different age groups
  • Current global incidence in words & diagrams
  • Trends & predictions for the next 10 to 50 years
Session 2 - Health risks & benefits
  • Relative risk categories for weight status
  • Detailed listing of diseases & conditions
  • Diabetes & metabolic syndrome explained
  • Clear list of benefits from weight loss
Session 3 - Body composition
  • Uses & limitations of BMI & skinfolds
  • Confident, standardised measurement
  • Fascinating body images using DEXA scans
  • Real case studies showing time changes
Session 4 - Physiology of weight change
  • Step-by-step anabolism & catabolism
  • Key factors affecting metabolic rate
  • Biological changes during over & underfeeding
  • Weight loss plateaus & set-point theory
Session 5 - Body weight regulation
  • Key biological switches for energy balance
  • Roles of hormones & neurotransmitters
  • Unique layered diagrams of brain circuitry
  • Leptin, serotonin & ghrelin simply explained
Session 6 - Contributing factors & causes
  • Unravelling genetic & environmental factors
  • Hypothyroidism, PCOS & other medical issues
  • Sleep, smoking, shiftwork all examined
  • Detailed lists of the 8 categories of causes
Session 7 - Treatment options & success rates
  • Pills, potions, lotions, gadgets & gizmos examined
  • Update on the effectiveness of diet vs exercise
  • When to consider drugs and surgery
  • Strategies used by the biggest losers
Session 8 - Guidelines & industry practices
  • Government guidelines & best-practice
  • Implications of weight loss industry regulation
  • Screening & client assessment strategies
  • Summary & application to your program or business
What is included?
  • Eight interactive sessions by Matt & Jarrod
  • More than 10 hours of stimulating education
  • Downloadable course slide notes PDF (optional printed copy)
  • Key diagrams & tables as bonus downloads
  • Links page with 50 links to key reports & references
  • Telephone & email learning support
  • 3 Months access to this comprehensive resource
  • Bonus access to Matt O'Neill's Evernote "Weight Management Notebook" (see more below)
In this course you will learn how to:
  • Calculate Body Mass Index & Healthy Weight Range
  • Calculate desirable body fat percentage
  • Calculate your resting and daily metabolic rate
  • Explain body weight regulation in simple terms
  • Turn cutting-edge science into practical strategies
  • Confidently advise clients on their weight loss options
View the course anywhere

Watch, listen and learn on your computer, tablet, iPhone or Android smartphone whenever you like with wifi.

The online player used for this SmartShape course is device and user-friendly to ensure your positive learning experience. It even remembers where you left off, so you can resume viewing when you next open the presentation.

This course is ideal for:

  • Personal Trainers
  • Weight loss consultants
  • Dietitians and naturopaths
  • Medical practitioners
  • Interested consumers
  • Anyone considering a career in nutrition
How long is the course?

Approximately 12-15 hours. There are 10 hours of presentations plus learning activities.

How is it assessed?

Course assessment is optional, but required if you wish to obtain 10 CEC points from Fitness Australia. Assessment consists of:

  • Submission of course activity sheets
  • Written post-course exam and case study
How many CEC points are available?

10 CEC points are available from Fitness Australia for this course, when you complete assessment.

Accreditation & qualification

Become a Weight Loss Coach or Consultant with SmartShape's Certificate in Weight Management

Complete this course and the three other SmartShape courses below to become a SmartShape Certified Weight Loss Consultant. Enrol in each course separately.

Nutrition for Fat Loss
Physical Activity for Fat Loss
Weight Loss Coaching

Or become a Nutrition Coach with SmartShape's Certificate in Nutrition Coaching

If you would prefer to become a SmartShape Certified Nutrition Coach you should complete the SmartShape Nutrition for Fat Loss Course and the Weight Loss Coaching Course. Enrol in these courses separately.

This short-course is an Accredited Program for Continuing Education with Fitness Australia and awards 10 CEC points upon successful assessment. It provides specialist training in weight management & fat loss in addition to what is provided in the Fitness Instructor (Certificate III) and Personal Trainer (Certificate IV) qualifications.

This course - as is the case currently for all other short courses, certificates and 6-month diplomas - cannot provide you with a nationally recognized qualification as a Weight Loss Consultant. And there is no formal regulation of the weight loss industry in Australia.

So, this means you should choose a course or certificate based on the knowledge, know-how, tools and expert advice it provides to help you understand, feel confident and implement the best science and practise of weight management. This is what SmartShape courses can do for you under the expert guidance of Matt O'Neill.

BONUS Access to Matt's "Weight Management Notebook" via Evernote

Weekly news and research updates included

With this course, you receive access to weekly obesity and weight loss news updates, direct to your smartphone and computer via the Evernote App.

Click to see a sample notebook

This simple app allows Matt to share the best, handpicked and tagged nutrition news, research and links with you. Access to Matt's shared "Weight Management" folder is included with your course, so you can stay at the cutting edge of weight management science.


Call 02-9987 2735 to enrol

Or enrol online or download an enrolment form at the bottom of this page.

Course Fee - $A375.00\(~GBP220.00)

Add $24 for a printed copy of all course slides in notes book posted to you.
Add $54 for notes book posted overseas.

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Save with group access for all your staff
This course is ideal for staff training. Enrol 4 people as a group and receive a complimentary 5th enrolment. For larger staff numbers, ask us about discounts.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE100% Money-Back Guarantee

I want you to feel comfortable enrolling in your online course, so at any time during the first 30 days from enrolment you would like to cancel your online course, we will provide a refund.*

Matt O'Neill

Details to note

Payment must be received in full to confirm your enrolment. You can pay by Mastercard or Visa online, or by cheque made out to 'SmartShape P/L'. If you wish to pay by direct bank deposit, please contact us on (02) 9620 9511 for details.

We respect your privacy and will not share any of your personal or registration details without your express permission.

Enrolments will be acknowledged by email within 24 hours. If you do not receive notification within 48 hours of registering online or sending your form, please contact us to ensure we have received your details.

Tax receipts
You will receive a Tax Invoice by post with your course notes.

We want you to feel confident enrolling, so at any time during the first 30 days from enrolment, you would like to cancel your online course, we will provide a refund, minus an admin fee of $50, after the return of course documents.

Course changes
Course information is correct at time of publication but may be subject to change without notice. SmartShape reserves the right to change course content when required due to reasons beyond the control of the organisers. The organiser does not take financial responsibility for changes or disruptions that are beyond their control.

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