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Click to down a brochureWorld champion athletes and top business performers have coaches to inspire and guide them to success. Now, the same benefits are available to you to develop your career, program or business in nutrition, fitness and weight management.

You'll work one-on-one with SmartShape Founder, Matt O'Neill and enjoy the rewards of achieving more in less time.

Limited places!

Mentoring Bochure
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Why choose Matt to be your mentor?

Thay say five minutes with a wise man is worth years of reading books. And in today's busy world, efficient use of time is becoming more important.

Matt O'Neill's Professional Mentoring gives you an opportunity to rapidly learn specialist knowledge, new skills and business know-how in the areas of nutrition, fitness and weight loss.

Matt has spent over 15 years training and consulting for individuals and businesses. He will help turn your ideas and dreams into reality by sharing a wealth of personal experience across a broad range of technical and practical topics. You'll move forward quickly by avoiding common and costly mistakes.

With Matt as your expert guide, you can choose to focus on your career, develop a specific program, build your business or simply focus on your client coaching skills.

Real benefits, real fast

Your Professional Mentoring Program achieves real and immediate benefits because it's focussed exclusively on you. In line with Matt's and SmartShape's philosophy, you should feel like a SuperStar, confident of the steps you take to help other people get into shape.

Here are a few examples of what you can achieve:

  • Launching a nutrition program at your fitness centre
  • Establishing your nutrition consulting business
  • Designing a community weight loss program
  • Staging a motivational fitness challenge
How it works

Your one-on-one program is structured into five 45-minute telephone sessions with Matt O'Neill, a Program Design Workbook, between session tasks and email support.

You'll experience Matt's SuperStar Model for Program Design (see on right) to help you build your own benefits from mentoring.

Program structure

Each session will focus on a single point of the SmartShape SuperStar Model. Below are some examples of specific areas you can work on with Matt. Your first session will establish clear objectives for your program.

Session 1 - Inspire

  • Your unique story and point of difference you offer
  • Key strategies that inspire people to shape up
  • How to make sure your idea gets stacks of attention
  • Steps to direct your passion for a career in nutrition
Session 2 - Motivate
  • How to package your ideas into products that sell
  • How to get on TV and have journalists calling you
  • How to find and press client's motivational hot buttons
  • Steps to presenting seminars that motivate the masses
Session 3 - Manage
  • How to manage your priorities to implement your ideas
  • How to use databases, email, websites and surveys
  • Which nutrition and weight loss tools to use
  • When to outsource specific tasks to get more done
Session 4 - Reward
  • How to tap into clients' weight loss reward systems
  • When to offer participation or goal-based rewards
  • Establishing your own rewards for your career
  • How to get more people on board with your vision
Session 5 - Retain and Refer
  • How to start receiving dozens of testimonials
  • When to offer a maintenance program and when not to
  • How to automatically generate more referrals
  • How to welcome back old customers
How long is my program

When would you like to launch your program, choose your career path or become a weight loss expert? Your five sessions can be scheduled weekly for a fast-track program or fortnightly or monthly, depending on your time-line and level of support. You'll choose your best schedule with Matt when you apply.

Client testimonials

"The advice and tips that Matt provided me with during our mentoring sessions have helped me move into the world of corporate health. I found the sessions to be educational, practical and very useful. I would recommend mentoring with Matt to anyone who wants to get ahead in the health field.

Yasmina Hage, Accredited Practicing Dietitian & Founder of Body Temple Health & Weight Loss Clinic

"Matt has a way of taking your dreams out of the clouds and getting you into action mode. Each session I felt more clear about what steps were necessary to get to the end result. Matt kept me thinking realistically but at the same time helped me explore some avenues I had not thought possible for me. I had the idea and the resources but didnt know where to start.

- Duncan Hunter, Personal Trainer & Student Dietitian

"Since making the commitment to start a mentoring program with Matt I have realized that it has been one of the best investments I have made. I had little idea that it would have such a profound effect on my skills as a personal trainer. Prior to using the SmartShape approach and resources I often doubted my ability to work with clients in the weight loss area and often allowed them to convince that they had metabolic disorders! Now I know that if a client is not having success with weight loss it's not my coaching ability or lack of resources. Now as the employer of seven personal trainers we have adopted the SmartShape concept and philosophy and as such all the trainers have participated in Matt's workshops.

Amanda Coombe, Founder of Personal Best Fitness, Tasmania's leading Personal Training facility.

More about your mentor

Matt O'Neill, Nutritionist, BSpSc, MSc(Nut&Diet), APD, AN

Matt is Founder of SmartShape and a gifted educator who is passionate about inspiring you. His expert knowledge and speaking skills have earned him regular television commentary on diet issues, presentations in eight countries and awards, including the Australian Fitness Network's Presenter of the Year. In the last 15 years he has taught nutrition to over 20,000 fitness professionals and helped hundreds of people develop their nutrition, fitness or weight loss businesses.

He is a four-time presenter at the UK's FitPro Business Conference and consults to national weight loss companies. Matt's vast experience has also included positions, as Nutritionist for the Australian Consumer's Association and Sports Dietitian for the Sydney City Roosters. He has also been a Director of the Weight Management Administration Code Council of Australia and a member of the NHMRC's Overweight & Obesity Working Group.

Matt's SmartShape business is dedicated to empowering people to explore and develop their talents for helping other people live healthy lives. He has produced websites, newsletters, television segments, online training courses, weight loss programs, corporate health challenges and a range of client education resources... What would you like to do?

What does it cost?

Your Professional Mentoring Program includes:

  • Five 45-minute one-on-one phone sessions with Matt
  • Pre-Program questionnaire to fine-tune your objectives
  • Program Design Workbook to build your plan as you go
  • Additional Worksheets to help develop your outcomes
  • Action Plan after your fifth session
All this for $1250 + GST, upfront or split over your five
sessions by credit card or EFT.

This program can also be delivered as a workshop. Call to ask how.

How to get started

Call 02-9987 2735 to discuss your mentoring program

Mentoring Bochure
600kb PDF - Right-click, Save-as "SmartShape Mentoring.pdf"

Your Professional Mentoring Program offers great value in terms of helping you achieve what you thought you couldn't.

Places in this program are limited, so your next step is to call Matt now to discuss what you'd like to get out of the program. If you then decide mentoring is right for you, you can book your first session to get started.


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