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5 Small changes that mean big weight loss results

By Matt O'Neill, MSc(Nut&Diet), APD

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I want you to show you scientifically proven ways to redesign your living space to make being leaner easier.

These changes really work & the positive triggers help reduce temptation & take pressure off your willpower. How many of these do you do already?

1. Keep treats out of sight

If you don't have treats in the house, you can't eat them... simple! If you must, keep them out of sight.

A study has showed that more treats were eaten when they were in sight & within reach.

And empty that "naughty cupboard" or "treat draw". You don't need to tempt your willpower.

2. Serve in small bowls

Use a ramekin bowl or smaller for your snacks. Not only does this limit your portions, using smaller bowls & plates also fools your brain into thinking you are eating more... Bonus!

One study found kids poured 44% more cereal into a large bowl.

If you tend to over-fill a bigger bowl, get a smaller bowl!

3. Use smaller glasses

Over-pouring into a big glass blows out portions & calories. Fix this by swapping to a smaller glass, which automatically limits how much you serve.

And a study reveals that we think we are drinking more when we drink the same volume from a smaller, full glass than a larger, partially full glass.

If you drink vegetable or fruit juice at breakfast to take your fish oil capsules, a small glass you can fill, without thinking which level to fill too every day is ideal.

4. De-clutter your kitchen

Chaotic kitchens mean more stress & snacking, so try to keep yours clean & clutter-free. In a study testing the impact of a messy, busy kitchen, women ate twice as many cookies.

And if you leave a fruit bowl out, highly visible, you'll be more likely to see the fruit & eat it.

5. Eat at the table

Do you eat 'mindlessly' in front of the TV too often?

While its not always possible, eating at least a few meals at the table, as a family has so many healthy benefits.

A study has revealed that children have a lower Body Mass Index (BMI) in families who tend to eat together, with the TV turned off.

How did you score ... 5 out of 5?

1. Keep treats out of sight.
2. Serve in small bowls.
3. Use smaller glasses.
4. De-clutter your kitchen.
5. Eat at the table.

Don't underestimate the ease & power of changing your home environment.



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