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7 Ways to STOP overeating

By Matt O'Neill, MSc(Nut&Diet), APD

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Overeating is perhaps the biggest eating habit you'll need to tackle to keep your diet on target. Here are 7 proven ways to eat less & feel fantastic - check them off!

1. Serve smaller portions

If you serve a smaller portion you won't have as much to overeat in the first place. You can always go back for more if you genuinely need it.

2. Eat filling foods

Chicken breast is my most filling food ever! When I eat it, I feel full after only a few mouthfuls. Find your most filling foods (often proteins) & eat them regularly.

3. Eat slowly

When you slow down eating you give your body a chance to send signals to your brain that switch off the desire to keep eating. It takes 10-20 minutes for this to happen.

4. Stop when you are satisfied

Listen to what your stomach is telling you. When you hear "I'm satisfied" that's the time to stop eating.

5. Leave food on your plate

Your mum trained you to clean your plate. Now you need to retrain yourself to leave food behind. Use my mantra, "It's better to go in the waste than around my waist."

6. Don't keep treats in the house

No naughty cupboards or treat draws! Only eat treats that you bring into the home for a treat. No stockpiling or using the kids as an excuse for keeping treats in the house.

7. Demand quality over quantity

I think you are now ready to switch your restaurant dining mindset from big servings to smaller gourmet experiences. You'll be amazed at how satisfying good food can be.

And that's how you .....

How many of the strategies above do you live by?

The more of these you make part of your life, the less overeating will be an issue for you.

And the more your metabolism & hormones will be in correct balance to automatically keep you in shape.



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